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As Matt flexes away pumping my pussy I begin to feel my body tense I can feel an orgasm coming the feeling of these boys all grabbing my breasts Matts fingers digging into my hips, Todd and Josh Staring it’s to much I throw my head back my body contorts, I feel the wave rip trough me, unable to concerntrate I squeeze the 2 cocks in my hands, Matt jerks violently and he to comes deep within me, I lurch toward quickly spin arond and suck the tip or his cock reach down jam my fingers in my pussy scooping the hot sludge from within me, licking my fingers clean, Matt smiles he seems impressed I remembered, someone is lifting my ass into the air, it’s Todd he’s kneeling behind me I can feel the tip of his cock on my lips, he pushes forward they part to allow him in, as slides slowly into me, he comes out all the way and again, slowly slides the length of his shaft into my soft warm cunt . Oh he ain’t coming, I sent you that message he responds arrogantly Chris, he has ahh, He hooked up with some chick they been inseparable for couple weeks now
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Again I'm in my moms bed, inbetween her legs, sucking her pussy, pulling up the hood to reveal and lick her clit, running my tounge up and down her cunt, snaking my way to her asshole, only to start again at the top, after almost 30 minutes of this, I decided it was time to stick my dick into this beautiful woman, again after positioning myself over her, my long big black dick, half way inside of her, she suddenly, frightfully, shouts “What the hell are you doing”?
I felt like a deer caught in the headlights of a Mack truck, something had just taken hold of me, and I didn't even answer, I just grabbed her wrists, continued to pummel her with my dick, and kissed her full in the mouth every time she began to speak,not knowing, worrying, or caring whether they were words of elation or condemnation,
and believe me she had a different man every month, after she and my dad split, she fucked anyone who came by from salesmen to repairmen, even the reupholdstere, but she was different, she would come, home we would eat, she would shower, drink and go to sleep .

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She did, Click here. PRINCESS ELLIE

by All These Roadworks


Princess Ellie wasn’t a *bad* princess, but she was occasionally a thoughtless and cruel one, and she made the mistake of doing so on the day when a middle-aged woman arrived at court and applied for permission to access the Royal Library

Duration: 5 minCountry: Albania