anell smiles when she sees lexington stee -by Zaidi jhelum (14 min)

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he lowered his head to her ass and started to lick in circles gina couldnt resist she hated her body for reacting to his touch he mind said no but her body wanted more she let out a small moan and this exited warrick he sucked his finger and inserted it into her ass slowly and then started licking her pussy inserting his tongue as he thrusted his finger in and out .
Gina was always curious about the guys from the poorer side of town they seemed to have so much fun always drinking and hanging out in large groups partying at the skate parks and sports parks
She decided to sneak out one night and see if she coud fit in she wasnt wearing what most of the girls that those guys where used to she was still a virgin and rather shy so she decided to cover up a little so that the men didnt get the wrong idea from her
anell smiles when she sees lexington stee -by Zaidi jhelum (14 min) 1

Sex Massage anell smiles when she sees lexington stee -by Zaidi jhelum (14 min)

When he arrived he looked so hott his hair was all wet and in his eyes he looked stunning, when he got dried off they went into johns room i wasnt allowed in, i never am when john has friends over, I had nothing to do so i went on the internet and started looking up gay porn i love gay porn i could look at it 24 / 7 it came to about 12 oclock and my mum and dad told me to go to bed so i did but i hardly slept i was just thinking about mark over and over again in my head i started to wank while thinking about him he was so hot it was unreal !

The next morning i woke up quite early thinking about mark again i was just lying in bed for ages then i decided to go to the toliet and i walked in on mark while he was taking a shower i went sorry and ran for the door he sed no its ok come in and lock the door behind you i did wot he sed then i went and stood at the sink he started to jerk off i watched and he said have you ever fucked a guy i said no because i hadent he slowley got out of the shower and came over to me he got onto his knees and slowley started licking my head it felt so good he started sucking my whole cock and by this time i was about to cum he said dont cum yet so i held it in i started to suck him off then bang there it is he spunks all in my mouth it was the best feeling i have ever had he bent over and i put my penis in his ass i started moving gently back and forward i was nearly cumming so i got faster and faster then it happend i cummed everywer inside him he had a sort of orgasam but he held it in so my parents or brother didnt hear i took my cock out of his ass and he said let me do it to you now i said ok it was quite sore at the start but he used lube so that helped it a bit he was going faster and faster each time it was really good then he spunks again inside me it felt great after that he said john will be wondering where i am so u better go so i can get cleaned up so i sed ok felling the happiest i have ever felt and i walked back through the hall into my bedroom feeling great .

anell smiles when she sees lexington stee -by Zaidi jhelum (14 min) 2

Tit anell smiles when she sees lexington stee -by Zaidi jhelum (14 min) Lesbo


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