Beautiful Fabulous Japanese girl Riko Sawaki in Horny JAV movie Nude

Beautiful Fabulous Japanese girl Riko Sawaki in Horny JAV movie Nude play

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JAV: “Why did you kiss me in the fight Lucia” I asked “I wanted to it felt right as we tussled together” she answered “It did feel good” I said as we turned and looked/stared into each others eyes I approached her forcefully grabbing her hair once more and moved my mouth to hers and kissed her hard and full on her lips pushing her hard backwards onto the wall pressing my body into hers, she reached round and wrapped her arms around me pulling us together harder still as our tits mashed together back and fourth releasing then crushing us our bodies and tits just kept on slapping together as she pulled and pushed my body into hers, our kissing becoming more fierce as if our tongues were having a battle of there own, my body felt electrified as we continued our embrace and a powerful surge ran through my body as she crushed our bodies together again and again I yanked my head back to break our kiss letting go of her hair and wrapping my arms around her as she was with me Foot Fetish “Come on BITCH fight me” she screamed at me as I caught my breathe, I paused taking in her strong stance all most boxing style, I lifted my self half way up and I dived at her stomach causing us both to crash down hard on the tiled floor, I had landed hard on top of her winding her slightly as she let out a deep sigh, I sent a couple of punches into her face cutting her lip she responded with a couple of head shots which caught both sides of my head, I was leaning fast I couldn’t box this bitch she was too good her punches were to fierce I shuffled my body upon hers bring our faces close together and grabbed two handfuls of her hair “get off me cunt” she screamed I felt the warmth of her breath and then a sharp burning feeling as her hands yanked hard on my hair as she also wrapped her legs around my back squeezing me hard as she bucked underneath me trying to throw me off.

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Cast: Riko Sawaki
Duration: 00:07:33
Source: Vjav
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Fabulous Japanese girl Riko Sawaki in Horny JAV movie

Kelly Wells
Who is this chick and where can I find more vids? @Hachino Tsubasa
Sonoda Ayuri
Saludos hermosura de mujer